Private Security Services

The problem – protective gear
The issue many security guards face is that they are provided with no or only insufficient protective gear. Each guard is expected to take care of their own protection. This can mean a financial expenditure for them that cannot be covered by their wages. The aids offered by occupational associations are often not used either.

The protective gear at hand often consist of heavy and rigid protection vests made synthetics or even aluminum. They do not adapt to body shape, and thus press on the upper body and hips during working hours. Some of the fixings of these vests can also reduce the range of motion. The outline is easily visible through clothing, allowing attackers to avoid hitting the vest.

The solution – safe and sensible protective gear
Evolutioon offers soft and flexible protection vests with stand-alone stab protection padding. These adapt to body shape optimally, and avoid getting stuck or pinching. Thanks to its thin materials, the vest is practically invisible to others. We have similar offers for other clothing like jackets and t-shirts.
Our protective gear is additionally equipped with further characteristics specifically for this occupation, which are of great use in practical application. All of our products are tested and certified according to German standards.

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