The problem – hidden protection vests

Many of the protection vests on the market are comparatively heavy, and are too thick in comparison to their protective performance. An additional extension to stab protection is usually not possible.
Due to standardized sizes, the majority of products has issues with accuracy of fit.

Often the outline of the protection vests can be seen through a suit even in case of covert wear because of the rigid and thick build of most protection vests. Furthermore, the materials of the shell, especially the velcro, have high friction and can chafe the garments worn over it.

Combination functions and upgrades for additional protection are usually not possible.

The solution – hidden protection vests
For the elite circle of personal bodyguards, Evolutioon offers an exceptionally flat and extremely efficient ballistic. At only 5mm thickness, it can absorb projectiles of a velocity of up to 580m/s. This optimal protection performance will shield you against even the extremely fast and vigorous projectiles of models like the Tokarev 7,62×25 at 563m/s and the Makarov 9×18 Iron Core at 360m/s. Even high-velocity projectiles from compact machine guns like the UZI by IMI, shrapnel, or stabbings with thrust and cutting weapons are reliably absorbed by our ballistic protection systems. Additionally, we can at your requirement maximize the stab protection function with an extra retrofittable chain mesh.

The low-friction shell will cause little to no chafe on clothing. All of our products are manufactured and certified in Germany. We offer a ten-year-warranty on the ballistic. Products made to measure or integrated into garments are possible at your requirement.

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