Protective solutions

We manufacture high-quality products, made from the current top materials in ballistics technology. We hold the belief that safety and protection cannot be luxuries, and must be independent from status. Our position is: Protection mustn’t be privilege. If you have a need for protection, don’t wait around as if you had a second life – act!

Protection packages Sk1 and Sk1 Plus as required:

Sk1 in its thinnest and most flexible implementation, with a structural thickness of only 3.5mmm. Especially useful for hidden wear as bullet-proof inlay or undershirt with a nearly undetectable profile. All of our bulletproof products also offer stab protection.

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Undershirts from Sk1 to Sk1 Plus with a special protection test and, as required, with special modifications Cal. 38 Special / 357 Magnum / 9mm Luger / Action 4

for individual creations also as ready-made products:

SK1 Plus structure with a special protection test. Compared to its protective performance, the thickness (5mm) and flexibility are unique at this safety level.

Developed for the highest military demands in terms of ballistics. Predestined for individual adaptations to uniforms and other carrier system for bullet and shrapnel protection. The most discrete way to dress for bodyguards.

Cal. 38 Special / Cal.40 / Cal.44 up to 436 m/s / Action 4 / 9mm Luger / 9mm fully jacketed DM 41 up to 560 m/s

7.62×25 Tokarev up to 563 m/s – distance 5m / 7.62×25 Tokarev up to 450 m/s – contact shot / 9×18 Makarov Iron Core bis 360 m/s / Cal. 357 partially jacketed bis 430 m/s

Custom-made for your individual needs:

At your requirement, we manufacture your personal ballistics package according to your own ideas and details. Price on request …

On request, we also offer cuttings for larger measurements like bulletproof curtains for apartments or hotels rooms, or wall coverings up to Sk1 Plus. Custom-made original Belstaff “Waybridge”. Luxurious man’s jacket, size 52. Bullet- and stab-proof inlay of German safety level Sk1. Weight of the ballistic inlay only ca. 1200g.

Cal.38 Spezial / 357 Magnum / 9mm Luger / Action 4

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