Wild animals that are cornered or even wounded will fight for their lives. Then, they might attack humans even if they are normally docile.

If hunters or beaters are surprisingly or expectedly attacked, they should be optimally protected.
Particularly the sharp tusks of boars can rupture the arteries in the legs and the abdomen if protection is inadequate.
The biggest issue with current protective pants is the lack of stab protection.

While current protective pants possess good slash protection similar to that of bulletproof vests thanks to fibers like Kevlar and other aramids, these Kevlar pads are for reasons of flexibility much thinner than those of e.g. police vests. For these and other reasons, they can’t properly shield against the tusks of a boar.

We use a more effective stab protection that’s derived from the protection systems of police special forces.
A specially developed stab- and thrust-resistant fabric in combination with a welded and robust, yet very flexible chain mesh offers more effective protection than current systems.

This combination of our material mix makes your hunting gear reliable and essential workwear in hunting and forest management.

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