Exercise is healthy – that much is true.

That’s why you should be free to carry out your desire for physical exercise freely, for example through the most popular sport: jogging.

But who, especially as a woman, doesn’t know that feeling of going jogging alone in the dark, when every so often you wonder:

The man coming towards you giving you a funny look … strange! … uncomfortable! … threatening??
Most joggers have a cellphone with them in case of emergency, or carry a can of pepper spray.
Whether that will really help you when caught by surprise is doubtful. You won’t have time to get prepared for that “spontaneous” attack, or to reach for the can of pepper spray in your pocket. It’s almost impossible to keep a level head and take the necessary steps when under such a shock.

When you’re under shock, you only act by instinct. So if you’re not experienced in self-defense, it will be hard to keep the situation under control.

We want to allow you passive protection against slashing and biting, as well as give you the possibility to actively draw attention to the situation, because this is what attackers and probable rapists want the least – to be noticed by others!
Our sportswear contain a thin, but extremely cut-resistant padding that will shield against even the sharpest blades.
Furthermore, our products possess a loop at chest level, near the neck, that, when ripped like with a life jacket, will create a several minutes long, piercing alarm sound. This will irritate the attacker, because he will now have full attention on him, and will no longer be able to act in secret.

The attacker will then probably let go of you and flee to avoid capture.
This probably sounds very martial to you right now, but in the face of an increasing number of increasingly brutal assaults we must think about our protection instead of acting carelessly and unprepared.
After all, you don’t just use a seat belt to avoid a fine, but because …


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